This Woman Photoshopped Herself For Spellbinding In 18 Countries

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. No matter who you are or where you come from, you have a beauty standard. We all know the girls we want to look like and the girls our boys tend to glance at. In many ways, this is natural and depends greatly on cultural status symbols and social norms that are linked to biological and environmental needs.

It is also true that opposites attract and people often find uncommonness in their culture more alluring than the norm. Whatever the trend happens to be at the moment, what people like around the world says a lot about how people live and what makes them happy.

Esther Honig is an artist who motivated this project that shows exactly how many ways one photo could be changed to appeal to different groups of people. This model’s picture was sent to marketers around the world to be Photoshopped. As you will see, every country did something different with their model. This project really drives home the way people perceive beauty from all over the globe and it’s fascinating.

This is how it all began…


And the edited versions tailored for 18 different countries…

Which edited version do you like the best?

Source: Online Doctor

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