This Video Encapsulates How 80% Of Indians From Kashmir To Kanyakumari Are The Same

Strange? How can that be when we live in various cities, have diverse professions, ages, habits, and lifestyles? As per research, 80% of us have a shortage of Vitamin D.

Watch this video to know more.

This deficiency is troubling because Vitamin D is vital for nourishing the human body and its absence in suboptimal immunity. It also plays a key role in supporting bone, muscle, healthy blood pressure, and neural tissues.  Many factors would increase the risk of being vitamin D deficient.

You can get Vitamin D from food sources like fish, meat, mushrooms, eggs, yeast. And Having said that, maintaining adequate Vitamin D levels with a well-balanced diet is challenging to accomplish. In that case, add to your diet with nutrient supplements containing Vitamin D after consultation with your physician.

DSM India has always been a socially committed brand. It maintains its legacy of sensible marketing with this unusual yet impactful CSR video.

Matches, vacations, and salary will come and go, but our health needs our urgent attention. Let’s read up, understand and get our daily dose of Vitamin D as that will #BoostYourImmuniD

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