All The Annoying Things Every Vegetarians Say To Non-Vegetarians

In today’s world, people have the freedom of choice, from the selection of clothing to the selection of airplane seats. You have numerous options in life and you can live life the way you intend it to be. It is one thing to choose and completely another to force things upon others.

When it comes to being a vegetarian, it is entirely a choice you make for yourself. However, overly obsessed vegetarians are out on the loose in today’s world. They are everywhere and some of them even tend to force non-vegetarians to convert into being a veg eaters.

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Also, the non-veg eating people are not far behind from agitating their veggies enamored friends. It is always an argument-triggering conversation when you have two friends, one veggie and the other non-veg. Although they both would have valid points on their side of squabble, they consist of pre-conceived notions.

I am personally a non-veg foodie but I have no qualm with veggie fanatics. It is a personal choice and they should be kept as a choice, not as a factor inflicting conflict within friends and family. Adjustment is vital in any phase of life and adjusting to the non-veg and veggies lifestyle of your fellow friends should be the priority.

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