A Twitter User Imagines 2020 Months With Rajpal Yadav’s Funny Acts And It’s Hilarious

rajpal yadav months

The year 2020 proved to one of the most distressing for humanity. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has made everyone suffer. With cure still far from realization, nobody knows how long will this last.

Those months spent in lockdown were harsh. It hampered our daily routine. Some enjoyed it while others could not take it positively. One thing is for sure we had lots of time on our hands. Some people went on to use it to sharpen their creativity, while others became even lazier.

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One such Twitter user came up with a hilarious idea of representing each month of 2020 as funny scenes from Rajpal Yadav’s movies. His original take deserves many retweets for sure. Have a look at it and laugh out loud:








The Twitterati were praising the creator and few even gave suggestions for coming months:

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