9 Awesome Things To Do In Sri Lanka If You Are Visiting For The First Time

things to do in sri lanka

Earlier, Sri Lanka has been hiding in plain sight. But today, more visitors are discovering its infinite charm. Lying below India’s southern part, Sri Lanka’s history, culture, and natural beauty are attractive.

Numerous beaches, tea plantations, masses of elephants, low prices, and much more make Sri Lanka irresistible. If you haven’t been to Sri Lanka yet, then you must. Here are the top things to do in Sri Lanka as a first-time visitor.

Visit Waterfalls

things to do in sri lanka

This country is quite well-known for its beautiful waterfalls, and some of these are easily accessible. Lush green forests and rocky hills surround it; this landscape you must have imagined in your dreams. Some of the famous waterfalls are Bakers Falls, Rawana Ella, Bopath Ella, Dunhinda Falls.

Scenic train rides

things to do in sri lanka

Sri Lanka is the textbook little island country to take a pleasant train journey, and it wouldn’t matter if you have a seat or not since holding on to the door is way more enjoyable. The Eastern train path takes you from Kandy to Nanu Oyaa, and it is one of the most picturesque journeys you will see. Endless rolling hills of tea plantation and lush green forests through the windows.

Whales and dolphins

things to do in sri lanka

Not as famous as Antarctica or the Azores for the big stunning blues, Sri Lanka is rightfully pleasing to watch aquatic mammals. You cannot do in other parts of the whale watching world to see the oceans’ most astonishing creatures one day and then elephants on another day. The perfect settings for whale watching would be Dondra Point (easily accessible from Hikkaduwa, Galle, Trincomalee, and Mirissa, while the ocean off Kalpitiya overflows with further dolphins attraction.

Tree plantation tours

things to do in sri lanka

Sri Lanka is the world’s fourth-largest producer of tea. The tea-drinking values inside this island nation are solid, with Sri Lankans drinking three cups every day. You can take a day tour, which offers an understanding of Sri Lanka’s long tea-making history by staying at the old tea factories and exploring the process behind Ceylon tea.

Sigiriya Fort

things to do in sri lanka

Sigiriya Rock Fortress is Sri Lanka’s most fascinating attraction. The ruins of a fifth-century city, known as Ravana’s cave is situated on a transcending rock only reachable by steep stairs. The World Heritage site opens at 7 am, and we propose arriving before the opening time. It’s worth spending time sightseeing the areas nearby after visiting the rock itself. Sigiriya should be a must on each and every things to do in Sri Lanka list.

Sandy beaches

things to do in sri lanka

Sri Lanka is an island nation and is no short of natural beauty. Travelers from all across the globe come to explore its pristine beaches. Here are some beautiful beaches where you should soak in the sun with a sip of a fresh cocktail. There are quite a few Sri Lanka beaches to visit, Bentota, Unawatuna, Mirissa, Dickwella, Induruwa, etc.

Try water sports

things to do in sri lanka

Sri Lanka gives you ample opportunities to have fun, relaxation, and a thrilling experience. Indulge in activities like snorkeling, kite surfing, and scuba diving, which will make your Sri Lanka trip genuinely refreshing. A plunge into the White-Water Rafting in Kitugala is worth a shot, or you can try snorkeling. The entire south coast of Sri Lanka is filled with such adventurous sports.

Yala National Park

things to do in sri lanka

Yala is one of the most attractive national parks in Sri Lanka with a great diversity of wildlife, including leopards, crocodiles, bears, tuskers, birds, and many more animals. It is suggested to go on a safari tour in the early morning.

Dambulla cave temple

things to do in sri lanka

This can be one of the major highpoints of your Sri Lanka trip. Dambulla is a lovely cave temple, and you will find a lot of ancient statues inside. The nearby area is also equally breathtaking. If you choose to visit this temple in the afternoon, you can look at the magnificent sunsets by the stunning hill.

Are these attractions enough to plan a visit to Sri Lanka?

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