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3 Things That Causes Dark Circles And How To Get Rid Of It

Today, you can find many people with dark circles under their eyes. The ever-growing beauty industry is flooded with cosmetic products that claim to get rid of dark circles.

Some of those products work whereas others are simply a waste of money. But most of us do not know the exact cause of this problem, which is revealed now.

1. Genetics

People with darker skin tones get only a little discoloration under the eyes. However, people with lighter skin tone can apply sunscreen or undertake laser treatment to even out the pigmentation.

2. Age

When you age, the fat pads present under your eyes begin to lose support, leading to swell or shift downward that causes a shadow. This can be fixed by filling the trough with Restylane.

3. Allergies

Even allergies can lead to dark circles, which can be treated by taking an antihistamine.

The causes of dark circles can vary from person to person. But underlying causes can be one of the three listed above. Take good care of your health and detect early symptoms.


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