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Dear Bestie, Will You Ever Surprise Me This Way On My Birthday?

We as a whole have companions who we grow up with…and we would successfully develop old with them as well. Every one of us gains incalculable experiences with our companions from each period of our life and loves them until the end of time.

This new Tanishq promotion highlighting its Mirayah gathering is around three companions who get together to amaze their BFF on her 40th birthday – and, it’s delightful.

This Illustrator Knows How To Play The Strings Of Life In A Beautiful Way

When you watch it, you’ll wish your besties would sing a similar melody for you 20 years down the line! This video is giving us real friendship goals and you need to watch it. Hit play now!

They say life begins at 40! Re-discover yourself with Tanishq’s latest collection, Mirayah. Because for you, age is just a number.

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