10 Obvious Signs That Shows You Are A Girly-Girl And Just Love It

Every girl has their personality, but we can distinguish it as being a girly girl or tomboyish. It all depends on the masculine side that is overpowering them or the feminine side.

Here are 10 obvious signs that can denote girls being extra girly:

Obsession with pink

Random Act of Pastels

A girly-girl would have a massive fixation with anything that comes under pink color. She would like to have everything in pink, from her dresses to gadgets or all other belongings. She will make sure that everything should be in pink. So, how many girls have you met being obsessed with pink?

Compulsory heels


They would feel more feminine in heels. They won’t feel comfortable in snickers or converse shoes, so they would avoid those altogether. You can expect a colossal shoe rack of heels of different types at the house of any girly girl.

Love for stuffed animals

Fur Commission

A girly girl would surround herself with several stuffed animals so much that she would take them as a person and have an individual name for them. Those animals are more like a family to them. So, don’t you dare to just throw it away or remove it with legs if you are at her place?

Sparkly nails

Stephanie Nguyen

Girly girls can’t keep their nails simple. They have a massive obsession for sparkly nails, and they literally can spark up their faces. They just love the shine and love how that is gracing their hands. That is also one of the crucial signs of a girly girl.

Shopping freak

Clear Water Florida

Whether they have to walk for hours and hours to buy things needed, they won’t get tired at all. They are a big shopping freak, and it will be one hell of punishment to go together while shopping.

Makeup Guru

We Are Ladies

They love makeup and love doing it for themselves as well as for others. She can be a go-to friend for anyone who wants a makeover or needs to look special for parties.

Girly characters

New Media Rockstars

They would always prefer girly characters when playing video games or putting nicknames like “Princess Peach” “Dashing Queen” over their social media platforms

Using glitter pens


They love using glitter pens when making a chart board to give it an extra shine. They somehow take that as a great idea to grab people’s attention.

Super obsessed with jewelry

Roma Jewelry

Not just pieces of jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or anything they want, everything with bling like their tee-shirts, pants, almost everything with jewels attached to it.

Spa days

Harmony Skin

Well, the spa is more typical of girly girls. They don’t miss out on any such days where they revive their skin. They would have a face mask, arm mask, feet mask from top to bottom, and they are very particular about caring for those. 

These are certain traits that characterize a girly girl. There could be more than these signs only for which we expect it to be jotted down in our comment section. We shall look forward to these points as well. 

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