9 Most Sexiest Dances From Around The World With Which Women Can Kill Any Man

Dance is popularly called the sister of seduction. Every man runs after the women who are prolific dancers because it is a notion that they are the queens of seduction and killer in bed. This is because dancers have the most flexible body type with sensuous figures, and they can perform several Kamasutra postures to make the sex life fantastic.

There are over 200 forms of recognized dance forms comprising cultural, entertainment, sensual, and occasion-related dances. Today, we will look at the sexiest dances in the world with which women kill every man. If your girlfriend knows any one of these, your life is going to be awesome.

Pole Dance

This is considered the sexiest dance form of them all, mainly because striptease is associated with it. It is a perfect combination of dance and acrobatics. Muscular endurance is required to perform it smoothly, and moves can be improvised as per requirement. It can be done solo and with a partner, and both men and women do it for entertainment and sexual arousal.


It is a social dance form considered the most sensual dance form due to erotic hip movements. Bachata is performed in the open, semi-closed, or closed position. It is associated with Bachata music. It varies enormously depending on the music and mood of the dancers.


Kizomba is considered the most intimate dance form as the chests of the dance partners are pressed together. It is a relatively slow form of dance with a sensual rhythm. It has a few vulgar forms as well. The partners need to have high coordination, and both are going to enjoy the dance equally.


Tango is a prevalent form of dance for couples. It has also become a famous pickup line – “I want to Tango with you.” Therefore, it is included in UNESCO cultural heritage list. There are different forms and styles of Tango dance, among which the Ballroom Tango is the most popular.


This is a solo dance form, and it is taught to every girl in Brazil when they are in school to seduce their men. Women are dressed in highly decorated costumes. It makes the dance more colorful and spectacular. Ax music is associated with this dance form, and you can see Brazilians do it during football world cup matches.


It is popularly called the forbidden dance, a movie in which the dance was made famous. It is incredibly intimate, and the couple may eventually end up making love. However, it requires a partner, and women generally wear short skirts for the dance to be more sensual for the male partner.

Belly Dance

It is a combination of percussive, fluid, and shiver movements of the torso. It is a dance form that is suited for girls with a highly flexible waist. Shakira is one of the most popular Belly Dancers. The traditional dress for belly dancing is Bedlah which includes a long skirt and waist revealing top.


This is the Spanish folk dance, and it is performed solo, with a partner, and even in a group. It involves foot-tapping, sudden turns, and high intensity. It is pretty funny to observe that Japan has more academies than Spain to teach this sensual awakening dance form.


Mujra originated during the Mughal rule in India. It is a direct derivative of Kathak dance, and men go wild on women who can do it. It is a perfect combination of flexibility and seduction. The modern form of Mujra has been invented by Bollywood choreographers with easy choreographies and showcased in many famous movies.

Which form would you love to do with your partner and take your love life to the next level?

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