One Man’s Plea To Rename ‘Boneless Chicken Wings’ Goes Viral

renaming boneless chicken wings

In an era of increasingly conflicting political rhetoric across the country, a man from Nebraska draws attention to his passionate call to action against boneless chicken wings.

The video of Ander Christensen’s satirical rhetoric for Lincoln City Council on Monday, calling for a ban on the title “boneless chicken wing”, has collected much attention on social media and news sites.

Christensen, who is the son of a councilman, stated that the meat in boneless wings does not come from a chicken’s wing at all, but the breast.

“We’ve been living in a lie about boneless chicken wings for far too long,” he told the council. He suggested that the dish could be renamed, “Buffalo-style chicken tender, wet tenders, saucy nugs or trash.” alternatively.

His appeal, of course, was for children. And Twitter was buzzing with people retweeting.

“Our children are afraid of bones sticking to their meat, hence the meat. It grows on the bones!” He said, “We need to explain to them that chicken wings are made from chicken and that they are delicious.”

The man said in his passionate appeal to the city council, “I go to nice family restaurants and see people throwing that name on and pretending as if everything is okay.”

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