A Hilarious Ramayan Story Telling By Rajasekhar Mamidanna

ramayan rajasekhar mamidanna

One positive about the ongoing lockdown is the re-broadcasting of Ramayan. The nostalgic show that lived on every 90’s kid’s mind still got the charm. The show is more than just a story of Ram, it is an indescribable experience.

Rajasekhar Mamidanna is a stand-up comedian who took on the mythology of Ramayan with comic rearrangements. He narrates the epic saga with a touch of modernity. All the prime characters and events are described with a pinch of comedy. The comedian retells incredible stories of Ramayan in a non-offensive manner, talking of the lessons he’s learned.

This Comedian Talks On How Indian Superstitions Are Forced Upon

Relive the Legend of Ram from a perspective you’ve never heard before.


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