Princess Sheikha Mahra Has Redefined Arab Royalties In The Middle East

A celebrated saying goes as, “there is rich, and there is Arab rich.” Arabs in the recent past have set the benchmark pretty high when it comes to affluence. Especially, the handful of Emirates, Sultanates, and, Kingdoms that are oil-rich and have made a position for themselves in the global stage that other nations can barely achieve.

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Similarly, UAE is one of the powerful countries in the Middle East that has become synonymous with prosperity. The country itself is a conglomerate of seven Emirates, Dubai being one of them.

Sheikha Mahra Bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the princess of Dubai is one of the prominent figures in the Emirates. She is the daughter of Sheikh Mohammed, the Emir of Dubai, and she is immensely popular on social media for her extravagant lifestyle and striking beauty.

She demonstrated her dynamic character and competitive spirit at a very early age when she started riding her first horses at the Oxford Nursery School in the UK.

After her mother’s graduation from the Oxford Aviation College, she relocated to Athens, Greece where she continued her education and training in equestrian sports, before moving to Dubai, UAE in 2009.

Sheikha Mahra is known as a very proud and hard speaking lady in the UAE.

She is a business graduate of Zayed University, UAE and she works along with her father for the development of Dubai.

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