18 Funniest Photos From The Weird Fashion Trend ‘Pillow Dress Challenge’

pillow dress challenge

One of the latest weird fashion trends – The Pillow Dress Challenge going viral on Instagram, involves wearing a pillow as a dress with a belt tied around the waist.

pillow dress challenge

You can then add any other accessories you want to make the outfit as good as possible.

The fashion trend was started by @myforteisfashion and @stylebynelli at the beginning of April, and it has since taken on many other forms through the hashtags #pillowdresschallenge#pillowchallenge, and more.

pillow dress challenge

The Pillow Dress Challenge has gone viral all over social media, with celebrities even now taking part. Instagram has been flooded with thousands of images of the Pillow Dress Challenge.

pillow dress challenge

It is by far the easiest challenge that any can try you just need a pillow and a belt.

So we have found out some of the best and most funny images of the ‘Pillow Dress Challenge.’

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