The Outrageous Demand Made By Bidhya Bhandari As Compared To Other Head of States

The Nepalese web sphere has been flooded with the news of President’s call for NPR 16 crores for her motorcade, this number roughly translates as USD 1 million, 5 hundred thousand. The president seeking this huge amount is shocking, to say the least. The GDP per capital of Nepal is merely USD 732.30, lesser than that of Bangladesh and Pakistan. In this context, the president demanding for new vehicles is beyond any explanation.

She is pursuing an armored vehicle along with ambulance and other vehicles for her entourage. Looking at the current situation of roads in Kathmandu, it is impractical request. The estimated cost of NPR 16 crores puts her demand as third most valuable motorcade only behind the US Presidential car and the Bentley Limousine used by Queen of England.

Is Nepal really a global superpower? Why does the ceremonial head of the state would want armored fleet?  Can Nepal afford such lavish presidential fleet? And most importantly, does the president really requires such extravagant motorcade given the economic mediocrity of Nepal?

Now let’s take a look at some of the global leaders and their official choice of the motorcade.

1. Italy – Lancia Thesis $65,709

2. Japan – Toyota Century Royal $85,500

3. Singapore – Mercedes Benz S350L $85,995

4. South Korea – Hyundai Equus VL500 Limousine $122,180

5. Norway – Binz Limousine $128,351

6. Germany – Mercedes Benz S600L $174,890

7. India – Mercedes Benz S600 Pullman Guard $180,000

Types Of Vehicle License Plates Being Used In Nepal

8. Russia – Mercedes S-Class Limousine $251,417

9. UK – Jaguar XJ Sentinel $455,025

10. China – Hongqi Limousine $801,624

There is no justification for the need for such extravagant motorcade. What do you think? Share your thoughts and comments below.

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