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10 Classic Punjabi Songs That Bollywood Should Definitely Bring Back!

For the people who impatiently wait for new movie releases just to listen to the latest tracks, they usually expect a remix of older Punjabi songs. But there’s a whole spectrum of untouched music that deserves to be added to modern music.

People are already well familiar with artists like Honey Singh and Diljit Dosanjh but are yet to learn the beauty of regional music that often goes unnoticed or badly reproduced.

From the soulful renditions of Gurdas Maan to the energetic beats of Jazzy B, the nostalgic lyrics of Arif Lohar and Dr.Zeus, the folk touch of Raj Brar and Bally Sagoo, Punjabi music still has a lot more to offer to keep the music industry rolling.

Enjoy these old Punjabi songs that we wish Bollywood would revive.

Kede Pind Di Tu Ni – Lehmer Hussainpuri

Yaar Anmulle – Sharry Mann

Nazar – Imran Khan

Dilla Nu – Jazzy B

Chandigarh – Raj Brar

Kangna Tera Ni – Dr.Zeus

This Video Depicts The Diversity Of Bollywood Songs Into Real Life Situations

Dilwala Dukhra – Arif Lohar

Billo Ni Tera Laal Ghagra – RDB

Let The Music Play – Shamur

Ki Banu Duniya Da – Gurdas Maan

Gud Naal Ishq Mitha – Bally Sagoo

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