Offensive Indian Food You Should Never Ever Have With Your Parents

Planning for a family night out or a first date? Then, you better avoid these foods and visiting these places as they will surely make you feel unbelievably awkward in front of everyone. Here are some of the worst Indian food items and restaurant names. They are hilariously offensive.

1. I will have this roti only when it is soft, puffed and round?

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2. Spicy, hot and it comes free with each biryani.


3. If fatty foods make you dumb, then this biryani will make you even dumber than Alia Bhatt.


4. What an extremely gay brand name!


5. After having this ladoo, you are going straight to hell.


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6. This cafe serves sexpresso as a starter.


7. What were these people thinking when they named this takeaway restaurant?


8. How is it even authentic? Anything that comes out of this surely won’t smell good.

9. Of course, it “refreshes you every time.” LOL


10. And then after having two scoops, you are oh so stoned!


11. Chilled beer is just too mainstream, how about child beer?


12. Not liking it? No problem. Just try one sip of child bear.


13. When did gun powder become an ingredient for dosa?


14. Your food might be tasty but WTF!!? Not the right place for a family dinner.


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15. Ma’am, would you like to try Choko d…?


16. “Don’t be shy, come on!!”


17. I don’t think I can eat this meaty sandwich.


18. This sounds exciting, but who thought this is a good idea?


19. And here is the most unappetizing of all! I am just curious to know what food they serve here.


Have you tried any of these? Share with us in the comment section below.

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