15 Offbeat Hindi Movies With Storylines That Are Considered Taboo

offbeat hindi movies taboo

We say we live in a progressive society with the right to express ourselves. Movies are one of the effective mediums to depict creative freedom. Despite our progressive society, there are still some topics that are considered taboo.

Mainstream media seldom talk about these subjects. Although there are some moviemakers dare to produce such movies whose screenplay revolves around the subject of homosexuality and prostitution, but they don’t get the level of exposure to put their words out. The production and distribution of such movies are limited to a niche audience only. Since the audience size is thin, the sponsorship and budget constraints make it even harder to reach the masses.

Here are 15 such movies that highlight the dark subjects that society don’t openly talk about:



This film which was released in 2015 portrays a lesbian relation. It was barred in most places and took help from multiple protests to uplift the ban.

The Painted House

the painted house

This movie was banned not only because it was an intense psychological drama but also because it has nudity on-screen. This led to the banning of the movie by CBFC.

The Pink Mirror

the pink mirror

This film displays a lot on the lives of transexuals, but CBFC could not withhold it and eventually decided to ban it.


water deepa mehta

Water, the second movie by Deepa Mehta in the elements trilogy. This movie caused a lot of agitation at the time of its release because it dealt with the doctrinal conditions that widows in India are treated.

Lust Stories

lust stories

This Netflix series explores intimate desire from a female’s viewpoint. From vibrators to orgasms, the movie exhibited everything on the screen. It gained a lot of negative reviews but gradually became a hit with the younger generation audiences.



This short film is based upon the sexual needs and sensitivities of an elderly couple who wants to spice up their sex life and loves the idea of BDSM.

Mama’s Boy

mamas boy

The movie Mama’s Boy is the modern take on the Hindu mythology Mahabharat. It revolves around the story of a couple and they get together.

Brahman Naman

brahman naman

You might dislike some of the unnecessary heroism in this movie. But you would agree with sexual repression described throughout this movie. It is realistic and relatable to most people grown in India.

Lipstick Under My Burkha

lipstick under my burkha

Lipstick Under My Burkha highlights the restrictions women have in society. While some progress to break the glass ceiling, they have to endure many difficulties. Going against the stereotypes are more difficult than they think.



The movie resourcefully describes the friendship between women. And this strong bonding has the power to fight against patriarchy and groundless traditions.

Angry Indian Goddesses

angry indian goddesses

This movie has a bold take on fighting the unjustifiable boundaries that society places on Indian women.

Kamla Ki Maut

kamla ki maut

Premarital sex is a taboo that gets ignored in our society. Kamla Ki Maut was released in 1989, and it portrays this very issue, way ahead of its time.



This movie is full of abusive languages that are prominent in society these days. The movie is set in black and white screen and surely is not meant for sensitive audiences.



The movie is about homosexual relationships. Engaged as a beautiful romantic drama, the movie is based on gay’s emotions.

Rang Rasiya

rang rasiya

Rang Rasiya portrays the perception of society on prostitutes. It is roughly based on the life of famous Indian painter Raja Ravi Varma.

Which movie will you be watching?

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