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Nike Made Self-Lacing Shoes And It’s Totally Awesome!

At Nike, innovation is something that they always keep looking for. The company is able to anticipate the athletes’ needs better because it believes it knows them better than anyone else. Sometimes, the reality is delivered even before others have started imagining it.

Let us introduce you to Nike HyperAdapt 1.0, the 1st performance vehicle for the latest platform breakthrough of Nike, adaptive lacing. The shoe is a result of deep research in mechanical, digital as well as electrical engineering. Now, forget the traditional shoes for athletes and get hold of this pair of self-lacing shoes.

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The functions are very simple and the typical distractions of athletes are reduced. When an athlete steps in, the sensor would be hit by the heel and automatic tightening of the system would be seen. A senior innovator at NIKE as well as the technical lead of the project Tiffany Beers stated that there are two buttons on the side for tightening as well as loosening. It can be adjusted until it is perfect.

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