10 Songs That Would And Should Be Played At Every Nepali Wedding

nepali wedding songs

Nepal is a country with diverse groups enriched with various traditions, rituals, some outlandish, and some customary. One thing that is common practice is the loud music at the wedding in every Nepali wedding.

No marriage ceremony is complete with the extravagant songs being played and people dancing to its tune.

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Even the narrow alleyways are filled with joy and dance steps corresponding to the orchestra-band accompanying the groom’s acquaintances. When you hear marriage, dancing comes to your mind and these numbers are on the mandatory playlist.

1. Naumati Baja Dhun / Mangal Dhun

This set of brass band orchestra is traditional yet trendy. This is usually played when the groom departs to the bride’s house on a flower-decorated car and scores of family members and friends dancing to its tune.

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2. Mehendi Laga Ke Rakhna

The blockbuster song from DDLJ starring Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol is certain to kick start the wedding convoy.

3. Katar Katar Ma

This hilarious proposition made by the groom to his to-be mother-in-law is epic through each and every one of its sarcastic words.

4. Tenu Leke Ke Main Jawanga

This peppy number is sure to pump up the energy during any wedding, especially, right before entering the bride’s groom with flamboyancy.

5. Naya Naya Sajau Hai Sansara

Never feel awkward to express your feeling. That’s exactly what this song is all about. This song is perfect during the engagement ceremony or Swayambhar proceedings.


6. Jaalma

This recent Nepalese hit song will sure ease up the lengthy wedding rituals.

7. Ek Kunwara Phir Gaya Maara

It will cheer up the tired atmosphere with inexhaustible rituals being performed continuously. This mocking advice given to the groom will bring on laughter to the attendees.

8. Panche Baja

This is yet another traditional song that is mandatory while doing Kanyadaan, Sindoor ceremony, and at the time when the priest pronounces the groom and bride as husband and wife.


9. Joote Do, Paise Lo

A very relevant song to be played when the groom’s shoes are hidden by his sisters-in-law. And the ever-longing bargain to get back the shoes.

10. Saajan Ji Ghar Aaye

After the groom is back home with his newlywed, this song ends the procession on a positive, brighter note and marks the beginning of a new life together, happily ever after.

Have a happy wedding!

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