21 Most Popular Nepali Items Songs That We All Have Loved

Music has the power to soothe your emotions. When you are sad, it will rejuvenate your mood; when you are happy, it will amplify your joy. Similarly, every nation has its particular type of music, that is deeply rooted in its culture. It is just not a source of joy, but also gives an exclusive regional identity of that country. There are many genres that came into existence due to their cultural significance. We would associate reggae to the Caribbean or Jazz to New Orleans.

With the world going through extensive globalization, it is expected that music from the corner of the world can easily be a hit in another part of the world. The Korean superstar Psy would never have thought that his composition ‘Gangnam Style‘ would be played at every street of Kathmandu to Krakow. Despite the song being in Korean, that didn’t stop it from breaking records on YouTube. That’s the power of music for you.

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Nepal has incorporated traditional folk songs with modern-day musical instruments to create some of the most beautiful songs out there. It is very much within the global music arena. The country has taken inspiration from music from different countries and fused it into its own. Bollywood is the most common source of inspiration. From movies to music, we can witness a very significant influence of Bollywood in Nepalese music. The similarities in culture, language, and choice of music make it easy to integrate.

One of the most typical Bollywood genres of music is item songs. They are mostly irrelevant to the movie plot and are catchy to every beat. The growth of its popularity has been felt across the globe. And, Nepal wasn’t far behind and had its fair share of item songs throughout the years. The item songs opened a whole new world for the movies to have at least this kind of song that the audiences would truly love. Item songs have become essential for the success of a movie.  Here are the most popular item songs of Nepal:

Mero Choli Nai Choto Bhayo – Bhaihalchha Ni

Kina Kasalai – Ek Pal

Chori Lagya Chha – Action

Chhalak Chhalak – Dhuwani

Chopiyena Mero – Bindaas 2

Kasiyo Baisha Le Choli – Ke Ma Timro Hoina Ra

Nishani – Akaal

Nachana Maiya – Talkjung Vs Tulke

Mero Choli – Star

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Dil Ki Rani – Mission Kheladi

Don’t Touch – Mero Desh

Nachi Nachi Nakkali – Bouncer

Babulal – Safe Landing

Chameli – Lalteen

Nachne Nachaune – Shree 5 Ambare

Blast Hunewala Jawaani – Lootera

Choli – Fateko Jutta

Aja Ko Sam – Password

Thamel Bazaar – Loot 2

Kale Dai – Parva

Udhreko Choli – Loot

The song ‘Udhreko Choli’ featuring Sushma Karki from the movie ‘Loot’ released in 2012 was the trendsetter. It gave enough reasons for moviemakers to get on the bandwagon and create upbeat item numbers for the masses.

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