38 Most Beautiful Belly Dancers In The World

Belly dancers can transcend you to a mystical, magical world. These beautiful belly dancers have hypnotizing hips and sensual moves that are more than enough to entice anyone. There are many bedazzling belly dancers, and their dancing styles are as different as the number of quartz crystals in the Arabian desert.

Captivating costumes with exotically swaying bodies are something you have to witness once in your lifetime. Belly dancing has become the heart and soul of any Arabic-themed event and is slowly making its way into mainstream entertainment. When belly dancers are at their best, the experience is magnetic and surreal.

Belly dancing empowers today’s women and young girls by helping them to fall in love with their bodies. To dispel this myth, this illusion, that having some meat on you is not putting in disadvantages, rather you can make it your strength. Here are 38 of the most beautiful belly dancers who can melt any man’s heart and make women feel envious.

Ebru Bekker

Diana Gabrielyan


Anastasia Biserova

Saraa Rouw

Giulia Saamiya

Aida Bogomolova

Diva Darina

Jamila Wang

Sama El Masry

Sama started her career on a TV channel after she graduated from the Arts stream. Besides, she has also acted in films since 2008.

Lia Verra

Born in Greece and brought up in Germany, Lia Verra’s rendezvous with dancing started when she was very young. Lia Verra’s name and worldwide fame make her one of the best belly dancers out there.

Alena Papucha

Margarita Dorofeeva

Amar Gamal

When sophistication and grace meet belly dancing, Amar Gamal is the result.

Elissar Abou Mrad

With the firm belief that dancing communicates love through body language, this Lebanese dancer graduated as a nurse, and then followed her dream of becoming a professional belly dancer.

Isabella Salimpour

Margarita Shavchenko


Loretta is a Dutch belly dancer with moves that are extremely over the edge. She has appeared in numerous international dance festivals and shows.

Maya Maghraby

Maya Maghraby is a belly dancer that, for the past few years, has had critical praise for her. Known for her captivating performances, she surely knows how to get the party up and running.

Amelia Zidane

Amelia was studying to become a child psychologist in Algeria when she found out her true calling to become a belly dancer.

Ekaterina Ignatenko

Sadie Marquardt

Typically known as the empress of the drum solo, Sadie Marquardt is one of the most-watched belly dancers on YouTube.

Mercedes Nieto

Amie Sultan

This Egyptian belly dancer holds a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Designing from England.

Meher Malik

Meher Malik is the foremost exponent of belly dancing in India. With over eighteen years of practice, she performs Egyptian belly dance and also teaches it.

Syrena Nikole

American-born Syrena Nikole started dancing at the tender age of three. She has performed at several events and Arabian-themed shows across New York.

Anna Lonkina

Ekaterina Lisenkova

Shakira Al Masri

Ekaterina Andreeva

Alex DeLora

Dariya Mitskevich

As a teenager, Dariya Mitskevich started to take ballroom dancing courses before she devoted herself to belly dance. She was just about seventeen when she won the prestigious competition at the Egyptian festival.

Yulianna Voronina

Shahrzad Raqs

Shahrzad Raqs has what many belly dancers would dare to call the perfect body for belly dancing. Her professional career started when she was 17, working full-time as a performer at shows and events in the United States.

Didem Kinali

The Turkish dance machine Didem Kinali is a global sensation.

Sofinar Grigoryan

Sofinar Grigoryan or widely known as ‘Sofinaaar’ is a Russian-Armenian belly dancer that took Egypt by storm. Back in 2014, she was one of the most searched entries on Google.

Oxana Bazaeva

Oxana is a Russian belly dancer who showcases elegance and flamboyancy with every performance.

Alla Kushnir

Alla Kushnir is a finalist in Ukraine’s Got Talent and was pursuing her law studies. She decided to abandon her studies, and focus all her efforts on belly dancing. It surely did pay off.

These beautiful belly dancers always know how to keep the crowd on their feet and their hearts on the edge, don’t you agree?

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