Miss Mexico Contestants Compete In Traditional Wears And They Are Wonderful

miss mexico

Miss Mexico 2020 circulated photos of their contestants with designer-made versions of the country’s traditional outfits, and they are amazing. Some things never go out of fashion, and these traditional attires prove it yet again.

But it’s not just the models or costumes that made these pictures so spectacular. The photographers did a brilliant job of capturing the women, too. By taking them under the Sun instead of a VFX studio, they advanced the culture’s linkage and roots.

Perhaps the best-known piece of traditional Mexican clothing is a tall and wide-brimmed hat intended to shade one from the damaging rays; the sombrero. Traditionally reserved for cowboys or vaqueros and the mariachis, the sombrero is now worn by many and has become a country’s representation.

Thirty-two contestants were contending for the Miss Mexico 2020 title crown. People voted for six contestants on social media Miss Estado De Mexico, Miss Sonora, Miss Guanajuato, Miss Quintana Roo, Miss Michoacan, and Miss Guerrero. Another six were chosen by the judges, Miss Sinaloa, Miss Campeche, Miss Colima, Miss Coahuila, Miss Nayarit, Miss Campeche, and Miss Oaxaca.

Miss Estado De México, Perla Franco

miss estado de mexico perla franco

Miss Guanajuato, Georgina Villanueva

miss guanajuato georgina villanueva

Miss Nayarit, Blessing Chukwu

miss nayarit blessing chukwu

Miss Sinaloa, Elizabeth Vidaña

miss sinaloa elizabeth vidana

Miss Querétaro, Valeria Ruíz

miss queretaro valeria ruiz

Miss Aguascalientes, Ximena Hita

miss aguascalientes ximena hita

Miss Guerrero, Isabel Ruíz

miss guerrero isable ruiz

Miss Ciudad De México, Jéssica Farjat

miss cuidad de mexico jessica farjat

Miss Jalisco, Mariana Macias

miss jalisco mariana macias

Miss Campeche, Jennifer Álvarez

miss campeche jennifer alvarez

Miss Chihuahua, Isela Serrano

miss chihuahua isela serrano

Miss Durango, Carolina Thomas

miss durango carolina thomas

Miss Colima, Daniela Ramírez

miss colima daniela ramirez

Miss Oaxaca, Sabrina Góngora

miss oaxaca sabrina gongora

Miss Quintana Roo, Regina González

miss quintana roo regina gonzalez

Miss Nuevo León, Evelyn Álvarez

miss nuevo leon evelyn alvarez

Miss Michoacán, Karolina Vidales

miss michoacan karolina vidales

Miss Tamaulipas, Naila Navarro

miss tamaulipas naila navarro

Miss Chiapas, Rocío Carrillo

miss chiapas rocio carrillo

Miss Puebla, Valerie Bartsch

miss puebla valerie bartsch

Miss Sonora, Ayram Ortíz

miss sonora ayram ortiz

Miss Coahuila, Georgina Vargas

miss coahuila georgina vargas

Miss Veracruz, Andrea Munguía

miss veracruz andrea munguia

Miss Yucatán, Ana Paulina Rivero

miss yucatan ana paulina rivero

Miss Baja California Sur, Diana Ramírez

miss baja california sur diana ramirez

Miss Morelos, María Fernanda Hutterer

miss morelos maria fernanda hutterer

Miss Hidalgo, Jaqueline Gómez

miss hidalgo jaqueline gomez

Miss Zacatecas, Karina Román

miss zacatecas karina roman

Miss Tlaxcala, Fedra Alpés

miss tlaxcala fedra alpes

Miss Baja California, Daniela Pedroza

miss baja california daniela pedroza

Miss Tabasco, Gildy Reyes

miss tabasco gildy reyes

Miss San Luis Potosí, Daniela Sánchez Acosta

miss san luis potosi daniela sanchez acosta

The Miss Mexico Grand Finale will be held on October 31st.

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