13 Minimal Posters That Cleverly Outlines The Reason These Indian Cities Are Famous For

Indian cities are diverse and lively with its own iconic landmarks, monuments, and a distinctive city culture. It’s challenging to summarize the essence of any Indian town or city with one graphic or in one image. Still, we tried our hands on depicting Indian cities in a single graphic with minimal art.

Here are 13 minimal posters that capture the essence of Indian cities.


White water rafting on the Ganges is something you should put on your bucket list.


Pink is the dominant color in majority of Jaipur building, hence the name ‘Pink City.’


Strolling on a boat and enjoying the landscape is quite refreshing.


The Bandra Worli Sea Link has become an iconic representation of Mumbai.

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Surat and diamonds have become synonymous throughout history.


Apart from the historic landmarks and marketplace, Lotus temple is as iconic as the city itself.


The 16th century minarets are symbolic representation of Hyderabad.


Spending few days in the wettest place on the planet would be fun.


This Himalayan hamlet is a dream destination for many backpackers.


Along with the twisted railway tracks, Darjeeling tea has a global reputation.


The love for fish in Kolkata is something that can’t be measured.


The place where India wants to party, and makes infinite vacation plans.


City of Mahakaal, has lived through history.

The fantastic colors of this beautiful country never fail to amaze us. Traveling through this lovely country and experiencing Incredible India is a life-altering experience. Do you have any other concepts for minimal posters to depict some other Indian cities? Comment your suggestions down below.

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