Mayra Hills Has The Biggest Pair Of ‘Fake Breasts’ In The World

Mayra Hills is a well-known online celebrity who goes by the stage name ‘Beshine.’ Her real name is rather appropriate as she has the biggest fake boobs in the world right now.

She is a woman chasing after her perfect image, and she now has the world’s largest enhanced boobs.

mayra hills

With the world’s largest augmented breasts to her name, Mayra Hills has body measurements of 59-28-36. Depending on how you measure, her bra size is 32Z (70Z), or the same as an XXX cup.

mayra hills

However, the biggest natural breasts in the Guinness World Record go to Annie Hawkins Turner for her 48V breast size.

mayra hills

Mayra Hills has 10,000 ccs of saline implants in those bad boys, reports Uproxx, and each breast weighs 20 pounds. It is comparable to a five-gallon jug of water on her chest.

mayra hills
mayra hills

That’s 40 pounds of boob she has to carry around with her each day, which is a bit like carrying around a seven-year-old on your chest.

mayra hills

That much of the silicone bust gives its owner world fame and back pain. Mayra struggles with many daily tasks, like putting on shoes because she can’t see her feet! Tight spaces like cars, elevators and movie seats pose additional challenges.

mayra hills

Although she can buy pants and shorts off the rack, bras must be made to order, and tops “must either be very big and wide or narrow and very elastic” according to her website.

However, her massive enhanced boobs don’t come without problems. Tying shoes, passing through cramped spaces, or driving a car. There are things Mayra has to do very carefully or give up entirely.

mayra hills

But this doesn’t stop her from yet another plastic surgery. And the 38-year-old German no longer keeps track of how many of them she’s had.

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