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Twitteratis Re-Imagine Lady Gaga To iPhones And Insects In Funny Threads

People have often created funny Twitter threads perfectly matching celebrities and their varied looks to the appearance of everyday objects. For instance, Rihanna compared to Indian snacks or star kids like Ananya Panday and Arjun Kapoor as a ‘commode’.

We all know pop sensation Lady Gaga doesn’t shy away from experimenting with different looks and has often made headlines with her unique fashion sense. However, have you ever imagined what she would look like if she were an iPhone?

A Twitter user creatively re-imagined her as various editions of the iPhone, matching her iconic looks to that of a phone. Check out the Twitter thread here:

The buzz doesn’t stop here as another Twitter user made a thread of the pop singer in comparison to insects, which honestly look equally beautiful and vibrant as her. Find the entire thread here:

Which comparison did you like the best? Tell us!

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