This Is One Of The Most Energetic K-Pop Dance Routine You’ll Ever See!

K-Pop has made itself a dominant name in world pop culture. Despite only a few are able to transcend into the world stage, Psy being the most energetic K-Pop star popular all over the globe.

The energy level of K-Pop stars is phenomenal. No wonder they are able to reach out to the masses even though they are performing in the Korean language.

If you ever wonder if there’s some highly electrifying and mighty power then you just need to look at K-Pop, could something this extraordinarily hot just come from evolution? Well probably that’s possible but I digress.

View this incredibly sweet dance routine from Hello Venus dancing to the song Wiggle Wiggle. I really appreciate how they’ve taken their favorite short shorts and cut them even shorter, very considerate for the pervs.

Have you seen any more energetic dance routines than this?

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