6 Good Reasons Why You Should Join A Club Outside Of Your Office

In college, many of us likely joined several clubs. They were a great way to meet new friends, blow off some steam, and even have something different to put on our resumes. They are a lot of fun, so why do we suddenly stop attending them once we graduate?

If anything, we need them more than ever when we enter the scary adult world! Here is why you should join a club outside the office. 

Meeting new people

If all you do is work and sleep, you will never meet anyone new, making for a dull life! Of course, you will be meeting new people, but you also know that anyone you meet at a club you have joined will have at least one thing in common. It seems more complex to make new friends as an adult and even more so if you never actually leave your house, so a club or hobby is the best choice.


Professional networking is key to getting ahead in your career, and you can’t just rely on in-work connections for that. Everything is an opportunity to network. Whether you make contacts through a social club or join one of the groups specifically for professional networking, you could talk to someone who will be helpful in your career.

Keeping fit

It doesn’t count if you have a gym membership but never actually go to the gym! For some people, the only way to get motivated is to be accountable to a group or a team, and so joining a running club or a sports team is a great way to keep fit and have fun at the same time.

Your mental health

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when you do the same things day in and day out. It’s essential to be able to blow off steam and do something to relieve the stress of daily life. A weekly club or meeting will give you something to look forward to when the daily grind is dragging on.

Learn new skills

You are never too old to learn something new or develop skills you already have. Learning new things keeps your brain sharp and will make you a more exciting and rounded person. So whether you want to learn a craft, sport, a new language, or something crazy like fire breathing, you won’t regret learning something new!

A better work-life balance

Working 9-5 can often feel like you are working every hour of every day of the week. It can be hard to strike a work-life balance, and scheduling in time for a group meeting or club will ensure you take some time to yourself. It’s much harder to renege on something regular than if you were planning on spending some ‘me time’ on your own. There are so many different types of a club that you could join outside of work, and as you can see, there are also so many benefits to doing this, so kick off the New Year by joining a club or two!

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