8 Simple Things That Many Of Us Find Hopelessly Hard To Do!

hopelessly hard things

We, humans, have a fundamental trait. We believe that we can do anything and everything that looks simple! It isn’t true. We have found eight simple looking things that most of us would find impossible to do!

To move your feet in the opposite direction

hopelessly hard things

The one who can do this is not a normal human being! Moving your feet in the opposite direction is not something that we can even imagine doing! It looks simple, in any case!

To sneeze without closing eyes

hopelessly hard things

You must have heard of this and conceivably even tried. But this is just something that we cannot do! At least most of us cannot! The Cranial nerves connect the eyes and the nose. Because of this, when you sneeze, you inevitably close your eyes!

To fold your tongue into half

hopelessly hard things

Ever tried this? Some people can do this, and they make this tough thing look incredibly easy! It isn’t, trust me; it isn’t!

To tickle yourself

hopelessly hard things

Your skin may be sensitive to tickles, but it is realistically impossible to tickle yourself. Don’t believe us? Why don’t you try it on your own? Do it, and you will know!

To move your middle finger without bending the ring finger

hopelessly hard things

Here’s fun testing for you to do! Try moving your middle finger on top of your first one! Ensure that you don’t curve your ring finger while doing this! Did you do it? If no, don’t worry, it is scarce to be able to do it. And if you did not bend your ring finger even one bit, congrats, you have it in your genes!

To touch chin or nose with your tongue

hopelessly hard things

Remember those days in your school when you would try doing this? You can try doing it even today, and you won’t be able to do it! Not as easy as you think!

To bend your thumb backward

hopelessly hard things

Here’s another thing that we think we can do, but we simply cannot! Bending our thumb backward is something that very few people can do!

To gleek

hopelessly hard things

So what is gleeking? When your tongue moves forward, some people accidentally shoot spit out of their mouth. It is called “gleeking.” But having said that, very few people could do it! Are you one of them?

How many of these simple-looking yet difficult things you can do?

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