The Difference Between ‘Hinduism And India’ Explained In An Epic Way

Many Indians and foreigners believe that India is a Hindu country, but it’s a secular country. The propaganda from many political parties and left-thinkers about rising intolerance in the country to gain votes is working very well for them.

The support from many mainstream media sources made it a lot easy for them. Blaming Hindus and Hinduism for every single thing has become the favorite pass-time for the left-thinkers, so-called seculars, and activists.

Vir Das in his latest video explained why Hinduism and India are different in an epic way.

There is a difference between Hinduism and India. Hinduism is not limited to India, countries like Nepal, Mauritius are predominantly Hindu. However, it is true that India has the largest population of Hindu in the world.

Do you have a better understanding of Hinduism and India now?

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