How School Classes From Around The World Looks In Comparison To Nepal?

We all have spent most of the hours of our day in schools in our childhood. In our childhood, our schools becomes our second home. We make friends who are like our families. We all end up learning the same stuff and hating the same teachers.

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We start our schooling with nursery class, learns the basics and a few rhymes and then moves to our primary education but our classrooms remains pretty same, diverse and crowded.We all have made so many memories sitting in our classrooms, that stays with us forever.

Although, now in Nepal, smart classrooms are introduced and are now very much in trend as they offer a new way of learning. But the old classrooms remain intact in good old memories.

Here, we bring you a list of classrooms from all around the globe. Have a look at different types of classrooms of countries around the globe:

1. Dubai

2. Kenya

3. Pakistan

4. Canada

5. Jordan

6. Tunisia

7. Spain

8. Republic of Ireland

9. United Kingdom

10. Ukraine

11. The Philippines

12. Palestine

13. Bangladesh

14. Afghanistan

15. Morocco

16. Sri Lanka

17. Latvia

18. Uruguay

19. Northern Ireland

20. Australia

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