These Hacks Should Hopefully Make Your High Heels More Comfy

While high heels are your best option for special occasions and events, I think you’ll all agree that they’re not exactly the best in terms of comfort and wearing them for longer periods of time.

Of course, you can go the celebrity easy route and get one size bigger, but these hacks might just work a little bit better.

1. Buy gel insoles to put in your heels

Any insoles, especially those from Dr. Scholl will help because they’ll shift the weight from the ball of your foot.


2. Spray your feet with dry shampoo

This will keep them from sweating and slipping around inside the shoe itself.

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3. Sandpaper on the sole

This will help you if you’re constantly tripping or falling over.

Or you can even shuffle your feet on cement to create grooves on the soles too.


4. Reverse the way you walk

Instead of going heel-toe, go toe first, as it will keep you balanced and help with the pain.


5. Put your heels in the freezer overnight

This will stretch them and stop them from pinching your feet and hurting you.

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6. Scotch or nude medical tape

Either of these two will alleviate the pressure on the nerves, and apparently, it works really well.
Due to the fact that these dosages are average, and the appointment is carried out depending on the patient’s condition, you cannot and take it without consulting a doctor.

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7. Lip balm prevents blisters

Just apply a bit on the bottom of your heels and you’ll be fine!


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8. Don’t immediately switch to flats after a night out

It might be better to switch to a slightly lower heel, and then switch to flats, to help your feet adjust.

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9. If these hacks don’t work for you

Maybe you should try other types of high heels that have been proven more comfortable, like wedges or any shoe with a thick platform and heel.

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You can now enjoy wearing heels for more than three hours and not feeling like crap when you take them off. You’re welcome!

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