How Much Faster Is A Google Server Compared To An Average PC?

google server speed

You might have guessed it already that the mighty Google would have colossal server setup in place. The scale to which Google operates its mega servers is rather incomprehensible to an average person. Google has given everyone a rare look inside its server rooms and detailed how it keeps up with the massive growth of its search business.

In a blog post, Google Fellow Amin Vadat said that the company’s current network, Jupiter, can deliver a petabit per second of total throughput. That means each of its 100,000 total servers can randomly speak to each other at a speed of 10Gb/s.

google server speed

There’s not just one Google server, there’s an enormous number of data centers that Google operates. There are at least 38 sites like the one shown above. To put things into perspective, the blue rectangular thing in the bottom left corner is a 40-foot container.

And the inside of these buildings looks equally impressive.

google server speed

Each individual tray you see is one server. And it is repeated over hundreds of thousands within this building.

Here is an official Google video of a Google data center on YouTube.

Isn’t it amazing?

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