10 Things Girls Think About Every Tim When She’s Getting Dressed

Every day we are faced with the troubles of what to wear. This is especially true for women. Most of them probably have a dress for every occasion like parties, weddings, outings, datings, etc. So it is quite natural for them to be confused about what to wear among the ocean of clothes in their closet and they have a storm of thoughts running through their head.

Have a look at some of the things women think about while dressing up:

1. This Or That

I wish I owned a camel colored leather skirt. Or a perfect white button down.

2. Nah I’ll Just Figure It Out Later

Whatever I’ll figure it out when I’m actually out of the shower and in front of my closet. Visualizing is hard.

3. Noooo, None Of These Clothes Suit Me

Crapppp. This is all crap. Crappppp. I don’t own  ANY CLOTHES.

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4. Nothing To Wear

No clothes, no clothes, like actually zero clothes. I should really just throw all of this out.

5. Lazy Bum

Okay, I’ll just wear jeans and some sort of sweater.

6. Did I Or Did I Not

Wait. WHY do these jeans feel like they’ve just been washed? I haven’t done laundry in three weeks so they cannot possibly have been washed.

7. Would This Work?

Maybe a cat eye will look fancy and distract people?

8. I Wore This Just Yesterday

I’ll wear a skirt. Will people remember I wore this skirt yesterday? Crap crap crap.

9. Got No Other Choice Do I

Okay, I’ll just do these effing tight jeans and a biggish sweater to hide the muffin top.

10. Do I Look Fat?

Wait, why do I look so big in this big sweater? Nope, nope, nope.

Well, you can relate mostly all of these right? If you are a woman then you definitely would have thought about every single thing on this list.

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