What Girls Really Do During Sleepovers? Here Are The Secrets You Should Know

girls during sleepovers

I have observed many times that guys have this sort of delusion that girls sleepovers are those incredible occasions where they have these girl gatherings, and they move around in fancy underwear, pillow fights, getting drunk, and eventually making out.

Those sleepovers are only fictional and are seen only in movies where the lead character who is invited to the sleepover, her BFF, her gorgeous friend, her overly ecstatic friend who is happy to be there, and the grumpy one who falls asleep instantly! This is purely an imaginary scenario that most fantasize about.

What guys think girls do during a sleepover may shatter all of their illusions. Here are the secret things that girls do during sleepover:

Girls bitch and talk about everyone

girls during sleepovers

What you should know is that girls spend hours judging everybody, laughing madly at how much weight your ex’s girlfriend has put on and they also discuss some of the lewd things that only girls are allowed to know!

Girls talk about boys, but not much

girls during sleepovers

Yes, girls do talk about guys, but it’s not about OMG he is such a cutie, instead, it’s more like, “Do you know this guy sent me a friend request!” “Should I accept or block him.”

Girls love to sip wine and bite on pizza

girls during sleepovers

Food and wine are the icings on the top at every girls’ sleepovers. We all love chilling out with our besties, and the best way to do is to order our favorite pizza, sit and sip wine! This is what every girl loves doing, including me!

Girls love selfies

girls during sleepovers

A sleepover is dull without selfies! Girls love to take pictures. And not one photo, but it goes up to thousands of clicks and beyond to get that perfect pout and pose! After that, they post them on social media including Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat professing to the world stating that they are having a fabulous sleepover. #sleepovers#with#bae

Girls love their besties

girls during sleepovers

Yes, this is the story after every single breakup! Girls cry and scream out to their besties saying, “all boys are the same, I want to spend my life with just you.”

Girls love intimate talks

girls during sleepovers

Every girl loves to know about sex and when it comes to their best friends, then they have to know all the gossip! How was it, the inside story, the levels and all!

Sorry guys, if your fantasies got shatter about sleepovers. But this is all we do during sleepovers.

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