11 Guilty Pleasures That Every Girl Enjoys During Winter

The winters are finally here and there are a hundred thousand reasons for us girls to love this cuddle season. Every damn thing is better during winters – ice-creams, lattes, hot chocolates, hoodies, cuddles, boyfriends, sugar daddies, and what not!

The world welcomes winters because of holidays and New Year, but girls, wait for these chilly nights so that they can enjoy lazing around in their pajamas and save the pain of getting dressed as they are going to the red carpet.

So, to remind people why are chilly winters a sacred season for all the girls across the globe, below is the list of guilty pleasures that we all enjoy during winter.

Take a look:

No shower, no cold!

The top reason to love winters? We could go days without showering because getting naked, that too just to step in water is a big no-no for our beautiful bodies. Plus hey, we’re going to stay indoors all day long, anyway.

Oversized hoodies are LOVE.

A thousand layers of clothes would just be fine! Scarfs, coats, sweaters and fuzzy socks, bring everything. Those oversized and cute hoodies are our go-to for most of this season.

It’s our time to shop until we drop!

Because of the winter sale! (Yayyyyyyyy!) We literally save our money to shower it like confetti during the winter sale. Everything is cheaper, better, and colorful.

Non-stop hot chocolates? Bring ’em on!

Lattes, hot chocolates, and cappuccinos are our new best friends. Nothing tastes better than hot beverages during winters and the amount of warmth they give you? Unbeatable!

Sipping on the red wine like it’s just water.

Red is for the classy ones and that’s who we all are! So, sitting by the fire, red wine in one hand and a novel in the other one is beyond perfect.

Looking for your very own Mr. Cuddles.

Let’s face it, Mr. Cuddles is a major need on chilly nights. We’d rather sit at home with them than go on some fancy date because cuddles are a priority.

Wearing that one pair of jeans because laundry is the last thing on your mind.

Who wants to touch water during winters? Even the thought of touching water gives me the chill, let alone the idea of doing laundry. So we’d happily wear that same pair of pants, unapologetically.

Forget no shave November, let’s go for no-shave winters.

No Shave November aren’t just for men, women play that game too! Chilling in the pajamas and growing our very own rainforest is totally our thing.

Wearing hats to hide those ‘not washed for a long time’ hair.

Why even wash the hair when you can hide them? Plus the hats and scarfs totally add up to the winter fashion look!

But if there’s a party, we suddenly forget what cold really is!

Sorry, not sorry! Looking hot has got to be our forte.

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