Simple Ways To Help Your Child Get Rid Of These Three Bad Habits

get rid children bad habits

Children learn a lot during their growing years. They must be guided in the correct path to grow up into a responsible individual. Children are priceless gifts for any parents. Raising children is not a cakewalk. It is the responsibility of a parent to provide for every need of their child.

It could be challenging to meet all the financial needs when you earn a low income. If you are in such a situation, take the help of government policies like tax credits which can help you supply the needs of your child to a certain extend.  Here are a few tips to help your child get rid of bad habits.

Thumb sucking

thumb sucking
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This habit is seen in infants and babies. They suckle their thumb as it gives them a soothing feeling and helps to relax and sleep sooner. This is normal in babies, but if it continues as your child grows, its better you put a stop. You can give them to chew or eat like a wooden stick with a round top to chew. This can curb the habit in the initial stages.

Nose picking

nose picking

It is one of the most common and irritating bad habits seen in both kids and adults alike. When a person is listening or talking, it is disgraceful to pick your nose, and if your child does it reprimand him/her and provide a handkerchief or a tissue. Instill these in your children at a young age to continue the bad habit. If it is still prevailing, apply light petroleum jelly at the openings of the nostrils. This prevents irritation, and your child will not pick his nose.


nail biting
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This is another annoying habit that continues to adulthood if not checked at the right time. It can become a serious problem when your child’s nail-biting causes are bleeding or infection. Positive support is the best way to help your child in this case. Talk to them about the various things which they have done with their hands. Their bitten nails will be highlighted, and your children can think what more they can do their nails than bite them.

These are a few bad habits which are seen in many children. When your child exhibits these bad habits, try not to embarrass them. Talk and tell them in private.

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