11 Things You Should Absolutely Avoid When Trying To Make A Good First Impression

Researchers have stated that a person can draw the first impression in 7 seconds of meeting somebody. So, every one of us knows the value of the first impression very well. For many people, the first impression refers to good looks only. Still, many things are to be done to make a striking first impression that we are not consciously aware of. It affects our long-term relationship with a particular individual.

Be mindful of these 11 things that you should not do if the first impression matters to you.

Arriving late for scheduled meet

Punctuality is one of the most important traits an individual should possess. It gives an impression that you are not trustworthy, not respecting other people’s valuable time, lack good planning and commitment.

Forgetting people’s name

People come up with excuses saying that they are not good with names, but you would not forget his/her name if you are interested in that person. It has happened to me as well so many times. So, it’s always better to rehearse earlier speaking out with names we will meet so that there is no chance of that accident in an actual meeting.

Avoiding eye contact or constantly touching hair

These are specific body language everyone should keep in mind. For example, eye contact while talking is crucial. Good eye contact signifies confidence and intelligence, whereas avoiding it can give the opposite impression. Similarly, playing with hair can show low self-esteem, anxiety, stress, or discomfort, a big ‘NO’ for the person you are getting introduced to.

Talking about yourself too much

It’s pretty apparent that when we are meeting people, you introduce yourself, basically focusing on your strengths. But, having said that, bragging too much about yourself and not showing any interest in knowing the people you are meeting can be a significant turnoff. 


Constantly checking phone or watch

Data has shown that a person, on average, checks their phone approximately 112 times a day. Yet, it’s incredibly impolite to do that when you are sitting and having a conversation with an individual. It shows that you are bored and disinterested in the other person. Research shows that even having your phone on the table next to you reduces a conversation’s quality and engagement.

Picking wrong topics for conversation

One should be very careful about specific topics like health problems, money, personal life issues, religion, or love life. These can be highly uncomfortable to the second person and should be avoided. So, it’s always better to keep the conversation comfortable and light, making a good first impression.

Telling long stories

Some people love to talk, especially when they get good listeners. But, it is crucially important to have certain filters while talking and be cautious whether the person in front of you is interested to hear your minor details or not. It can irritate people and disturb the flow of conversation.

Tapping legs or complaining too much

Making unnecessary noises like tapping legs can indicate nervousness, irritation, or impatience. And they are psychologically considered lying or irritating others.

Standing or Sitting too close

Researchers said that you need to have a distance of 4 to 12 feet for a formal meeting. Sitting or standing too close seems quite uncomfortable. The other person being desperate while too far shows you aren’t interested.

Chewing gums

It can be one of the worst ideas to chew gum while seeing the person for the first time. People might take you as somebody who is quite childish, immature, making a bad first impression.


Wrinkled clothes

Statistics have shown that 55% of the first appearance is based on appearance. Therefore, specific clothes play a vital role in your outer personality to shine. Therefore, make sure of neat and well-ironed outfits in the first meeting and the rest of the time. 

You should avoid these eleven things at any cost if you want to make an impactful first impression. It shall surely help you be consciously aware of things that we should not do and prevent us from several possible hostile situations.   

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