This Family Goes Nuts From Their Son’s Homecoming Surprise!

family homecoming surprise

The best highlight from Indonesia’s restaurants doesn’t involve a great meal, nice ambiance, or sharp service. Instead, it comes courtesy of Hadi Wibawa and his overjoyed family.

Words can’t do this heart-warmer of a homecoming surprise video much justice, but here’s a brief synopsis: Hadi Wibawa hasn’t seen his family in person for 3 years because of his studies in the USA and he has also lost 20 kilos. So, he decided to surprise his family by showing up surprisingly!

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The video has gone viral with Youtubers — and pretty much any other human with a pulse — since appearing on YouTube a few weeks back. Check it out for yourself above, and let us know what you think in the comments.

Truly heartwarming reaction. What do you think?

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