A Selfless And Extraordinary Story Of An ‘Unsung Hero’

extraordinary story unsung hero

We are humans, we are normal and do not have extraordinary superpowers. We are educated, knowledgeable, and well aware of the problems around us, but we tend to act ignorant. We can see it all, be it good, or be it bad, but we like to turn a blind eye.

We can be the solution to someone’s problem, but we are selfish. And finally, we can be HEROES in real life, but for us, hero’s are those fictional characters that we see on-screen. Each one us has a HERO within, but we tend to hide him.

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We don’t need to do extraordinary things to be a hero, even doing simple things can make us one. We cannot help them all but can hold the hand of one. We cannot feed them all but can end the hunger of some. We cannot pick them all but surely can lift someone. Life is not about doing it all, life is just about something, something for which you can be proud of yourselves.

A big salute to this unsung hero.

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