Chinese Police Called In To Disband Weird Army Of Japanese Schoolgirls

It’s not every day when one encounters a battalion of Japanese schoolgirls invading the streets.
But that’s exactly what happened in China this weekend — 100 women dressed up as Japanese schoolgirls in an obvious attempt to catch public attention.


However, their presence was halted by Shanghai’s Chengguan officers, who were clearly unhappy with whatever went on.

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The “schoolgirls” donned an iconic ensemble of Japanese-inspired uniforms: blouse-and-tie, short skirts, and long socks. They were seen holding a paper mask.


They occupied parts of Lujiazui and Tianzifang, Shanghaiist said. Why they showed up remains a mystery, though some netizens assumed they promoted a game or an app.



Unfortunately, it did not take long before security officers found their presence disturbing. The girls were escorted out of the public scene.


Off you go, girls.


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