Bullet Bras Were Trendy In 40s And 50s, These Pics Will Poke Your Eyes

It’s no secret that fashion trends come and go. What looks good one day looks like a pile of rubbish the next day. Thankfully there are some fashion trends like shoulder pads that have dropped off the face of the earth. It won’t be long until some more hideous fashion trends follow the same path too.

Personally speaking, I’m hoping it’s male rompers. They look so silly! But there are some weird fashion trends that become a cult icon and are brought back to life. While this may not be done through mainstream fashion, it can be brought back by smaller fashion retailers who have stored online. One of these trends is the infamous bullet bra which was very popular in the 1940s and 1950s.

If you don’t know what a bullet bra is then you could be forgiven for thinking it’s something rather dangerous. You don’t see many of them these days wearing them but back in the 40s and 50s, they were very popular. They were made famous by the sweater girls. These girls were various Hollywood actresses who adopted the fashion of wearing tight sweaters over a cone or bullet-shaped bra.

History of Bra: Origin, Evolution, And Why Women Wear It

Madonna eventually became a poster girl for the bullet bra when she wore one designed by Jean Paul Gaultier during her Blond Ambition Tour back in 1990. The vintage lingerie company called What Katie Did was the first company to bring back the bullet bras into modern production in 1999. Since then other companies have also started to make their own version of the iconic bra. Take a look at some of these vintage bullet bras.

Back in the 1940s 50s, the bullet bra was a glamorous accessory no woman would be seen without.

Starlets throughout Hollywood joined together and wore bullet bras to create a distinctive look.

The bullet bra was the perfect bra for every occasion.

Bullet bras soon became synonymous with gorgeous women.

They were a true symbol of glitz and glamour.

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Bullet bras gave a touch of elegance to the every day woman’s look.

Many women wore them to work and caught the attention of their coworkers.

It was a look that worked for every occasion!

Though if you’re near someone with a bullet bra, try not to get poked in the eye. It’ll hurt.

They were an iconic fashion must-have of the time. Everyone had one or wanted one.

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