70 Most Beautiful Female News Anchors In The World

There’s nothing sexier than a beautiful woman with a brilliant mind. Unfortunately, those days are long gone when the female news anchors were quite dull.

Nowadays, the number of hot female anchors is increasing in order. Many female news reporters have impressed the viewers with their killer looks and astonishing personality.

From former beauty queens to award-winning journalists and reporters, these are the hottest female news anchors you will see on television. Whether you prefer good or bad news first, it all becomes the same when these women deliver it.

Abby Huntsman

abby huntsman

Adela Ucar

adela ucar

Ainsley Earhardt

ainsley earhardt

Alessandra Villegas

alessandra villegas

Alex Wagner

alex wagner

Ana Cobos

ana cobos

Anastasia Chernobrovina

anastasia chernobrovina

Andrea Feczko

andrea feczko

Angela Scanlon

angela scanlon

Anna Kasterova

anna kasterova

Betty Liu

betty liu

Britt McHenry

britt mchenry

Brooke Baldwin

brook baldwin

Carolyn Mackenzie

carolyn mackenzie

Catt Sadler

catt sadler

Charissa Thompson

charissa thompson

Charlotte Hawkins

charlotte hawkins

Cheryl Hickey

cheryl hickey

Courtney Friel

courtney friel

Danielle Graham

danielle graham

Diletta Leotta

diletta leotta

Elizabeth Plank

elizabeth plank

Emma Louise Willis

emma louise willis

Erin Andrews

erin andrews

Erin Burnett

erin burnett

Gabby Logan

gabby logan

Gaby Lozoya

gaby lozoya

Georgie Thompson

georgie thompson

Ghida Fakhry

ghida fakhry

Gigi Stone Woods

gigi stone woods

Gloria Macarenko

gloria macarenko

Helena Humphrey

helena humphrey

Isabelle Ithurburu

isabelle ithurburu

Jackie Guerrido

jackie guerrido

Jedediah Bila

jedediah bila

Jenna Lee

jenna lee

Jorja Roman

jorja roman

Judith Rakers

judith rakers

Julie Banderas

julie banderas

Kang A Rang

kang a rang

Lara Logan

lara logan

14 Most Beautiful Indian TV News Anchors In The World

Laurie Dhue

laurie dhue

Lojain Omran

lojain omran

Maria Menounos

maria menounos

Martina Markota

martina markota

Massiel Carrillo

massiel carrillo

Megyn Kelly

megyn kelly

Melissa Theuriau

melissa theuriau

Michelle Kosinski

michelle kosinski

Minna Salami

minna salami

Mirei Kiritani

mirei kiritani

Mirella Grisales

mirella grisales

Natalia Cooper

natalia cooper

Natalie Gruzlewski

natalie gruzlewski

Natalie Morales

natalie morales

Natasha Kaplinsky

natasha kaplinsky

Norah O’Donnell

norah odonnell

Oksana Fedorova

oksana federova

Robin Meade

robin meade

Sandra Smith

sandra smith

Sara Carbonero

sara carbonero

Sian Welby

sian welby

Susan Li

susan li

Susanna Reid

susanna reid

Tanya Kim

tanya kim

Tina Kandelaki

tina kandelaki

Tomi Lahren

tomi lahren

Valeriya Gavrilovskaya

valeriya gavrilovskaya

Vanessa Huppenkothen

vanessa huppenkothen

Wendy Kingston

wendy kingston

Who is your favorite news anchor?

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