World’s Most Identical Twins Wants To Get Pregnant By Their Shared Boyfriend

anna lucy decinque pregnant

Anna and Lucy DeCinque – the world’s most identical twins, have revealed their plans to get pregnant by their mutual boyfriend through IVF at the same time. The sisters from Perth, Australia, who have been eating, going to the toilet, and sleeping together have equally been sharing a boyfriend, Ben Bryne, 39, for about nine years now.

anna lucy decinque pregnant

Sharing with the world the plan to freeze their eggs simultaneously, the twins interviewed on the Morning Show, revealing plans to conceive through IVF. The sisters went on to admit they want to get pregnant concurrently in a bid to experience the process together jointly.

We want to experience the pregnancy journey together. We want to share everything in life with each other. We will grow old together, and we will die together. That’s how it’s going to be, and that’s how we want.’ Lucy said.

anna lucy decinque pregnant

Also speaking, Anna added: ‘We’re looking forward to having an IVF and freezing our eggs at the same time. No one knows what the future holds. We want to do things together. It might be challenging, but everything about life is truly a challenge. We want to be together at every second, minute, and hour.’

anna lucy decinque pregnant

When the sisters questioned whether or not it would be infuriating if one of them had a boy and the other a girl, Lucy responded, saying, ‘As long as they’re healthy and excited, all we wanted is to experience the pregnancy journey together. That is all that truly matters.’

anna lucy decinque pregnant

The identical sisters have, however, been living with boyfriend Ben and their mom. The pair shared a king-sized bed with their boyfriend and admitted their partner has been able to identify them from day one while previous *partners had attempted separating them.

anna lucy decinque pregnant

‘He accepted our bond and closeness. He was able to tell who is Anna or Lucy from day one. Our mom can’t tell us apart. Even on the phone, Ben knows. The first night we met with him, both of us kissed him. We liked him and said, let me see how things go.’ Lucy explained.

Before now, the sisters had tried separate relationships, but Ben, according to the twins, treats them both as equals as there’s been no jealousy. The sisters equally insisted there are no problems with the unusual plan as Ben receives double love from both of them.

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