This Poem By Amitabh Bachchan Is A Moving Tribute To ‘Nirbhaya’

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In the past five years, there has been a 57% ascent in reported rapes. Numerous assaults go unreported. Reported rapes in 2013 were at an unsurpassed high at 31,807, and conviction rates for assaults in excess of five years have likewise risen.

It is apparently clear that Delhi is not the rape capital of the world or even India. Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh has the most elevated rate of assault in India with 22.8 assaults every lakh ladies. In 2013, Delhi was third in the rate of assault with Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh each one having three urban areas in the main 10. Delhi’s prerogative up from number 11 in 2012 to number 3 last year, maybe, reflects an expanded reporting of rapes by ladies where 94.4% of rapists were known to the victim.

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Nirbhaya was just like us, enjoying the subtleties of life and this incidence changed her life forever. Two years ago on this day, she was brutally raped in front of her friend, by those barbarian men, one of which claimed to be a juvenile. But India fought back, we all did; and now, we just won’t stop.

Hope we will create a society with no more such henious crimes.

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