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Buzzativ is a premier social impact platform, delivering the most exciting lifestyle and entertainment stories to people worldwide.

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We pride ourselves on publications that deliver the utmost precision and non-compromising efficiency for us and for our partners.

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We strive to be an ever-evolving source of business opportunities for advertisers, brands, and publishers. In order to do that, we add significant, measurable value to all stakeholders.

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We aim to be the most engaging and prominent source of online content. Our content is authentic, intriguing, and enticing, across diverse niches and multiple languages for our worldwide readers.


We strongly believe that stories can move, and they can be used to inspire, thrill, captivate, and educate at the same time. It was initially envisaged only for laughter; nevertheless, it has become one of the better socio-entertainment portals.

We are storytellers determined to blend amazement and informative stories that would bring positivity to society. It is an assemblage of internet fanatics that curate and generate stories tailored to people of all ages, genders, cultures, and nationalities.

Our team of excellent writers cultivates thought-provoking, habitually hilarious, and always amusing content. The immense sincerity and research that goes into gathering impactful stories that will enthuse curiosity.

We amplify stories and ideas that inspire and uplift from various sources of knowledge. Our entire emphasis is on providing insightful analysis of progressive, inspirational, and resourceful content. We provide a mixture of content our audience cannot get elsewhere – to interest, inform, and inspire. We accommodate consumable goodness to the most socially engaged, most diverse, and most online generation the world has ever seen.

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