8 Ways To Help You Staying Up All Night Long

staying up all night long

We have all been through this. You were given an assignment like a month ago, and you are too busy doing other stuff that you completely forget about it until the last day. You probably would suffer from panic disorder then gradually get yourself out of it and concentrate on how to finish up the work. The night is all you have to complete the assignment.

Here are the steps we all follow when we plan to stay up all night to finish the work.


After a quick, but a purposeful half-hour of anxious sobbing in the library’s unisex bathroom, embrace the fact that the only way to get this paper done is to stay up all night.


Claim a deserted corner of the library and construct a study fortress out of textbooks, energy drinks, and quiet desolation.


Reward your preparation with a quick visit to the Internet.


Instantly lose all sense of time and purpose.

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Close out of the multi-tab opera that is your web browser, then buckle down and get some actual work done.


Realize you fell asleep for hours ago while browsing the Internet and dreamed all the progress you just made.

Panic Mode

You’ve got like two hours to write this entire goddamn essay. There’s NO TIME, not even to spell check! Just double space and DON’T LOOK BACK.


Finish the paper, turn it in right before it’s due. Realize you’ve got another paper due tomorrow. Cry. Repeat.

You deserve a rest, take a nap!

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