5 Things Only True Fans Of Korean Drama Would Relate To

Korean dramas can literally change your world that you are living in till now. It can change the whole perspective of life that you are living in and we would love to stay in that fantasy world. Here are 5 facts that only people can relate to who has indulged in Korean dramas.

1. A pretty face guy falling madly in love with you.

After watching the damn Korean Dramas, we all start getting that urge to get someone who will be adorably cute and will be in madly love with you. And yap no matter what all boys, in reality, tell us, even though their cute expression can be girly but that cuteness can kill us on the spot.

2. Manages to look cute even when crying

It is amazing to see how a Korean actor can look pretty even crying.  While on the other hand when we cry our face gets messy and obviously not a good sight to see. We all wish what if even we could manage to look pretty even with that crying face, like them.

3. Two Hot Guys fighting over you

Like every K-POP Fan, you start wishing and imagining at the same time for two hot guys to fight for you. Fighting does not seem positive word, but common which girl does not want two hotshot guys fighting for you and K-Drama just adds fuels in the fire.


Korean Drama has its own unique way of showing kissing scene and makes us try their way of kissing with our partner. Most girls find Korean Kiss cute and romantic at the same time, rather than the Hollywood way.

5. School Uniform

Our schools have Kurta or pants or long skirts as a school uniform which certainly is not admirable or cute but after watching Korean Drama you wish your school had a similar uniform as theirs.

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