21 Facts You Didn’t Know About Ever Controversial ‘Azad Kashmir’

Azad Kashmir is also known as Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) is currently the trending topic in India. This issue has been since 1947 between India and Pakistan. It lies west to the Indian state Jammu and Kashmir which was previously a part of J&K. As it is in news for the last month, we are presenting 21 Facts You Didn’t Know About Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK).

1. UN along with other international organizations refers to PoK as “Pakistan-administered Kashmir”


2. Pakistan Occupied Kashmir was ruled by Maharaj Hari before independence


3. Hari Singh Maharaj wanted J&K to remain as an independent state during the partition


4. J&K was invaded by Pathan Tribesmen for an independent state


5. It has an area of 13,297 square km with an approximate population of 4.6 million


6. Maharaja Hari Singh signed the Instrument of Accession to India on 26th October 1947


7. 26th October is celebrated as Accession Day in Jammu and Kashmir


8. Separatists consider 26th October as a Black day


9. According to the Sino-Pakistan Agreement, the northern part of PoK is given to China’s territory by Pakistanis


10. PoK is governed by Pakistan-controlled Legislative


11. PoK has its own President and Prime Minister


President is Masood Khan and Prime Minister is Farooq Haider Khan.

12. It even has its own Supreme Court and a High Court


13. PoK is a sphere head for Training camps of terrorist organizations


Lashkar-e-Taiba has many terrorist camps in this area.

14. 26/11 convicted Ajmal Kasab underwent training in PoK capital Muzaffarabad


15. There is no freedom of speech/expression in PoK


It doesn’t have an independent media. Pakistan controls everything.

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16. The only source of media is PoK Radio


Only Azad Kashmir Radio operates in PoK

17. Approximately 87% of PoK households own farms


18. PoK is the main reason for the war between India and Pakistan


Apart from 1971, every other war and disputes with Pakistan are because of PoK.

19. PoK is considered a matter of Pride to both India & Pakistan


20. Nehru’s decision to approach the UN for settling the PoK issue is considered wrong by many


21. The first war between India & Pakistan about PoK took place in 1947.


Even though UN intervened, this issue has been causing damages to date.

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