10 Secrets That A Girl Shares With Her Best Friend Only

A girl can be mean and bitchy at times, but with her best friend she can give her heart away. She can share her conundrum with them without filtering those secrets. She keeps it transparent to her best friend. A girl’s best friend knows every minute detail about each other. Nothing is hidden. Here are the some secrets that a girl probably likes to share it with her sweetheart only.

1. Your family dramas and issues


2. You can tell them exactly how much you have studied for the exam


3. The worst thing you ever did during the vacation


4. The worst thing you ever did during the vacation


5. The weird hook-up stories with the guys


6. Your embarrassing photos and videos of your teenage memories


10 Signs That Shows You Have Found Your BFF

7. Crush over the cute guy in the college


8. You can bitch about everyone


9. Wildest fantasies on the random guy


10. Your horrible break story with your ex


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