10 Things You Can Do Proudly In Nepal But Can’t Do It Anywhere Else!

It is a common notion in Nepal by its own citizens to criticize their own country. If asked most Nepalese would prefer other countries over Nepal, but they don’t realize that there many things that you can only experience in Nepal and not anywhere else in the world. So be very proud of being a Nepalese citizen, as we are living in an unusual and vivacious country.

1. Going with the flow

It may seem funny but it’s the truth that in Nepal, you can pee anywhere. Yes, anywhere and anytime, even in public spaces. Men just need a quiet corner and they can do their business.

2. Holidays and Festivals

Nepal has way too many festivals in a calendar year. During every festival, the country looks bright and dazzling. You can feel the happiness on every nukes and corner. I am sure you won’t find such a vivid culture in any other country.

3. The Bargaining Gene

Nepalese, especially women have an innate skill to bargain at anything. They may pay NPR 10000 for shoes but won’t pay NPR 100 for a kilo of cauliflower without giving a tough bargain.

4. Garbage, garbage, garbage

In Nepal, people throw garbage anywhere they feel like. Despite there being a trash bin placed at most of the public places, people are habituated to throw it on the street. We should try to improve this habit of ours in the coming days and build a cleaner Nepal.

5. Neighbors Next Door

Nepalese neighbors are friendly, very friendly! We can borrow anything from sugar for tea to extra chairs when guests visit your house. In other countries, people don’t even bother talking to their neighbors.

6. Jaywalking is accepted

Other nationals have to wait for the light to turn green in order to cross the street, we don’t. We do the traffic control ourselves, we raise our hands and stop the vehicles, whenever we have to cross the road.

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7. Eating with hands

We don’t feel our stomach is full if we don’t use our hands to eat. We prefer our hand over spoons, forks, or chopsticks. And even tourists who visit Nepal, can’t resist but try hand-to-mouth.

8. Overcrowded public transport

We are a bunch of adjusters. No matter how crowded the bus is, we will find enough space for us to accommodate ourselves, regardless of the capacity of the bus.

9. One Big Family

We love our family. Family always comes first. We live together as a big happy family. Children grow up with the unconditional love of their grandparents. This family composition is disappearing in other countries.

10. Fasting to the rescue

Nepalese society believes in fasting. Every now and then, especially, the women fast for different festivals or cultural obligations. This pattern of fasting is peculiar to Nepal only.

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